Measuring Accurately

measuring toolThose who have tried to tackle a construction or building project before know that just eyeing the measurements and guessing how big something is, is not enough. Having the right measurement tool for the job is absolutely essential for getting the correct measurements and ensuring that everything will fit together properly. With the wide variety of tools available on the market today you may be wondering what some of those tools can be used for, and this article will help you understand just a few of the tools that can help you ensure accuracy when measuring out your projects.

A caliper is an instrument used to measure distance between two points on an object and can measure the distance inside or outside of an object depending on which direction the points of the caliper are facing. Unlike rulers which can only accurately measure flat surfaces, calipers can be used to measure any number of different objects within the range of the device. Most calipers are used to measure the thicknesses of objects or diameters, but calipers have been used in other fields such as nautical charts and even art. Some artists, and especially sculptors, use calipers to help them achieve accurate measurements of their subjects and then translate those measurements into a beautiful sculpture or painting. For more accurate projects that require close inspection, digital calipers are available that provide very accurate readings.

Another type of caliper is a vernier caliper, or depth gauge as it is sometimes called. This type of caliper is very versatile because it typically has both inside and outside jaws on either side of it to measure both internal and external diameters. The scale that runs along the length of this device allows for measurements to be done within a fraction of an inch, and often have metric measurements on one side with inch measurements on the other. This type of caliper is one of the more popular types of calipers and is used in construction, auto mechanics, as well as home use and other industries.

A micrometer is a type of caliper, but rather than relying on a slide able gauge attached to a ruler of sorts, it uses a screw mechanism that will give a more accurate reading. Micrometers are used to measure in much smaller increments to as little as .001 millimeters. A screw is turned in the micrometer that allows an object to be measured between the anvil and the spindle, and as the spindle moves towards the anvil the measurement made on the sleeve of the micrometer adjusts accordingly.